Got a Thought?


Give US a chance to breathe life into YOUR IDEA

Do you have a thought stepped on the back of an envelope or engraved on a report? How about we breathe life into that thought! We assume the part of specialized prime supporter and expanded advancement group - leave your stresses item improvement to us and invest that additional energy and cash on promoting your item.

The begin is in our DNA. We comprehend the stages and difficulties engaged with building a start-up item. From the choice of thoughts and building a proof of idea to advancement, arrangement and administration of live applications, we handle all the specialized work. We serve the requirements of business visionaries in item advancement in stages to show to financial specialists, accomplices and different partners. Make an item that would possibly be utilized by a great many individuals require an alternate arrangement of aptitudes from customary programming advancement.


At CodeDigi, we can certainly say that we have done around there and a group of more than 10 individuals spend significant time in item advancement, we can go about as an impetus for the accomplishment of your home. In the event that your thought energizes you, we guarantee to work with us will influence you to trust that you have an innovation accomplice that is as amped up for your thought as you. We help new companies with counselling, plan, programming, framework administration and notwithstanding advertising. Through our system we can help raise start-up capital through its presentation VC projects and quickening agents.

  • Startup Development
  • Prototyping and Development
  • Development,Testing and Support

We deal with all means of start up Development

  • Break down the thought and survey the plausibility of the item from a specialized outlook.
  • Be a soundboard for the ideation and offer master help to round out the item thought.
  • Adjust item methodology to business goals: need, guide, and core interest.



Prototyping and Development

  • Develop a "proof of concept" quickly to get valuable feedback early and / or demonstrate to investors.
  • Design and develop a minimum viable product (MVP).
  • Iterate, develop, test and deploy products: UX design, engineering, hosting cloud and quality assurance.


Deployment, Testing and Support

  • Arrangement, Testing and Support
  • Cloud arrangement and administration.
  • Ease of use testing.
  • Client specialized help administrations.
  • Ceaseless item upgrade and support.